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    Many HealthTecdl programs offer CE/CME credits at little to no cost.

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    HealthTecdl provides both live and archived programming for nonprofit health organizations, health professionals and students in Georgia.

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    HealthTecdl offers continuing education on a wide range of health and health care topics.

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    HealthTecdloffers you the freedom and flexibility to make better informed decisions about your health career.

HealthTecdl is a statewide distance learning program designed to support health professionals and strengthen services provided by nonprofit health organizations in Georgia. Established in 2007, HealthTecdl utilizes health information technology to deliver programs in support of nonprofit health organizations that drive positive change in their communities, promote programs which improve health and healthcare for Georgia residents, and connect people, programs, and resources across our state. 

HealthTecdl shares your organization's mission of improving the health of Georgians. We use online distance learning technology to help strengthen your organization's ability to achieve its goals.

By using our powerful online tools, you can have real-time access to better resources and information, ultimately enabling you to function more efficiently. Together, we can make a difference in how Georgians experience health and health care.


HealthTecdl is a strong partner in your professional growth. We offer premiere online distance-learning resources that deliver high-quality professional development seminars in a convenient, flexible, and engaging format. Many of our programs offer CE/CME credits.

You can participate in our programs from home, work, or any place that has an internet connection. Our live and archived options allow you to decide to participate when it works best for you.

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Connections 2014 Conference: Election Guide

In March 2014 Healthcare Georgia Foundation released Election Guide 2014, a publication conceived as a nonpartisan effort to inform Georgia voters about our state's most pressing health challenges and each candidate's vision for better health and healthcare. With the assistance of Mathews and Maxwell, Inc., a public affairs firm, the candidates' responses were prepared and presented in the Guide, precisely as they submitted them. This session will introduce the purpose, methodology and results of the election guide with analysis of candidate responses provided by invited experts.

Scrubbing Back In: What You Should Know About Reentering Nursing

Are you considering reentering the nursing workforce? The changes in nursing practice over the last decade have been swift and significant. The goal of this course is to provide awareness of these changes to work flow and guidance on how to best navigate them.

Contemporary Topics in Child & Adolescent Psychopharmacology

The diagnosis and treatment of children and adolescents with mental disorders can be challenging, especially when considering the broad spectrum of signs, symptoms and available treatments. This webinar features an overview of the most common treatments for anxiety disorders, as well as evidence-based treatment approaches for major depression, and evidence for treatment options in pediatric bipolar disorder. Participants will also receive information about the various pharmacologic options for the treatment of ADHD.

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